More verses from the Ponden poet…

Our guest Jim returned on Saturday night for Haworth’s 40s weekend with his wife Caroline and son Damon, and left us another verse. He is rapidly becoming our poet in residence! Imagining the Past Ponden Hall, the Heaton suite, Amazing history at your feet. Using imagination and your mind’s eye, Visualising events of times gone […]

Inspired to poetry! – A tribute from one of our lovely guests

Jim Murphy from Wigan stayed last night with his wife Caroline and son Damon in the Heaton Room, and as he left handed me a folded piece of lined paper. Intrigued, I opened it to find he had been inspired in thie night to write us a poem! ‘Can I post it on our website?’ […]

The risky business of a coffee-and-walnut cake…

Photo: courtesy Jayne Clinton Coffee cakes are a love them/hate them thing – I rarely make one for guests, since those who dislike coffee flavouring really dislike it – for a while they even tried to get rid of coffee-flavoured Revels, for goodness’ sake! Those who love them, meanwhile, really love them… I was fortunate […]

Seeing the Hall through a photographer’s eyes

Photo: Courtesy Anneleen Lindsay We live here at Ponden Hall, and we’ve been here for 16 years. Although we fell in love with the house the moment we set foot over the threshold to stand in the long, L-shaped hallway sloping down into the house a little like a hobbit’s burrow, we’ve grown shamingly […]

The height of cosiness

June 12, 2014 When we moved into the house 16 years ago it’s fair to say it was very, very cold… That winter we had a tarpaulin instead of a roof, since the building work on the new roof had gone on and on, through autumn, and well into the windy, wuthering weather of a […]